Men's haircut........... from 400 UAH

When working on a haircut, the master is guided by the client’s wishes, while taking into account the structure and length of the hair, facial features and shape, body shape, and lifestyle of the guest. Each master is fluent in modern haircutting techniques and will offer you a haircut that is convenient and comfortable to care for. The haircut is performed with scissors, a trimmer, a clipper, two shampoos, hair styling with premium cosmetics and a cool, professional service. Haircut time is 45-60 minutes.

Fade ........... from 350 UAH

The main feature of this versatile haircut is a soft “smoky” transition from a short or completely shaved scalp to strands of any length on the crown. It is perfect for those who like brutality in their wardrobe and those who prefer business suits. The hairstyle is easy to care for and maintains a flawless look for up to three to four weeks. The fade is performed with a clipper, trimmer, and shaver. The service time is 30-60 minutes.

Beard design......... from 300 UAH

A perfectly styled beard emphasizes the brutality, style, and character of its owner. A professional master knows everything about beard design and will make your image exactly the way you want to appear to others. The service includes preliminary steaming and facial skin preparation. Mastery of special tools, including a shavette (dangerous razor), is a guarantee of a beautiful and stylish beard. The service lasts 30-45 minutes.

Waxing........... from 100 UAH

Removing excess facial and body hair with waxing is a simple and effective solution. The procedure is performed with warm wax and gets rid of hair in the ears, nose, and bridge of the nose, practically painlessly.

High qualification of the master guarantees a long-lasting effect of waxing. It does not cause irritation. Make an appointment, we promise it won’t hurt! Service time: 10-15 minutes

Est. 2022

UNITY is a barbershop for men in Dnipro founded in 2022. We were united by a great goal: to create a place that did not exist before and that would make the lives of men and the city better.

Men’s haircuts at Unity are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Unity is not just a barber shop or a salon.

Unity is a philosophy that is close to every man. Strictness, conciseness, restraint.

Make an appointment for a haircut at the Unity barbershop in Dnipro online on the website or by phone.


Unity Academy

– is designed for people who want to learn how to cut hair!

Our courses:


Barber from scratch


There are two types:
1. Fundamental knowledge
2. Creative designs